Video Production



Promotion Video

The name of Anyzac consists of the words ‘Any’ and ‘作(creation)’ showing that Anyzac is a company that can create any image. Anyzac is able to conduct not only animation planning and production, our specialty, but also any kind of video, including brand promotion videos or tv commercials. Anyzac can offer a professional video making service to fulfill any need the customer has. The entire process from planning to filming, editing, and finally creating the finished product, is offered with the best quality possible.

  • Planning meeting : Hold a planning meeting for a video that is purposed to make exhibition videos, CF, promotion videos, etc.
  • Filming : Conduct filming to make the video / the part that can’t make live action use CGI to make video.
  • Editing/Sound/Final cut : Complete the final video through finishing tasks such as editing, sound, and the final cut.

Steps may be added or removed at the request of clients.


– Production service of TV commercial of KT OLLEH
– Production service for SK
– Production service of for Asiana
– Production service of video of LG Science Hall
– Production service of for Sigong Tech