• Quantity : 3.30MIN x 52EP
  • Genre : Slapstick Comedy
  • Type : 3D CGI  Animation TV Series (HD)

“Zombie troublemakers and Hana, the last human being on earth, finally became friends”

The ZOMBIEDUMBs and Hana finally became friends on Moon Street. However, soon after, their peaceful life fell into unexpected distress. The reason for this was the other zombies living in Moon Village, a place a bit over from Moon Street!
They were hesitant to sew the bonds of friendship in Season 1, and they now have even more to mull over due to the increased number of options in the expanded world. Should they be friends, or not?

ⓒANYZAC, SKB, All rights reserved.

*This content was produced under the 2016 support project for domestic family animation conducted by MCST and KOCCA.