Animation Planning and Production Service

Planning Meeting



Anyzac is a specialized animation production company that can provide all-in-one services that range from planning to animation production. Anyzac offers the optimal services in all categories. This is all based within the respective careers and know-how of the core talents at Anyzac, who boast impressive experience with running global projects.

  • Planning meeting : Hold meetings to analyze the needs of customers, determine the requirements and conduct planning of the whole animation.
  • Scenario/bible : Prior to animation story, proceed to make treatment/scenario after setting the world view and character.
  • Storyboard/Animatics : After creating a storyboard (continuity) such as design/sketch detail of the scene according to a scenario, create animatics in order to understand the overall flow.
  • Modelling/Texture/Rigging : Work modeling, texture, rigging to express live characters.
  • Animation : Create various movement of 3D modeling characters and produce animation.
  • Rendering/VFX/Composition : Proceed to work rendering/VFX/composition etc. to express movement of characters naturally.
  • Editing/Dubbing/Sound/Final Cut : Produce final animation through finishing tasks such as giving line to characters and presenting sound effects on the scene.

Produced animation can expand to a second season or to a feature film. It can extend its primary content into secondary content.


– Production service of KT OLLEH 3D animation 《 Kibot 2 》
– Production service of EBS 3D animation 《 Paopao in the Baobab Islands 》
– Production service of EBS 3D animation 《 Balloopo the balloon elephant 》
– Production service of KBS 3D animation 《 Alien pig PIPI 》
– Production service of 3D animation 《 Ninano 》
– Production service of 3D animation 《 Snipe Chinese 》 of Kyowon