Character Design

Character Sketch

2D Character Design

3D Character Design

Anyzac designs various characters that may be used in company/brand promotion and animation, learning and video content.
Developing new characters is made to be clearly distinguishable among the existing character and Anyzac’s systematic process of character design creates the optimal characters considering their purpose.

  • Planning meeting : From planning meetings, develop and draw a character’s personality and traits that are suitable for the purpose and field of use for the character.
  • Concept sketch : Make a concept sketch to make a character distinguishable and unique from analyzing and investigation similar characters.
  • Drafting : Make creative drafts based on concept sketches.
  • Coloring and 2D/3D Character creation : After selecting the most suitable draft for a character, color 2D character and complete 2D/3D character.

Characters designed can be used in many forms, such as animation, company/brand promotion, learning content, and general goods.


– Character design for 《 ZOMBIEDUMB 》
– Character design for 《 Time Traveler Luke 》
– Character design for 《 ZOMBIEDUMB Season 2 》
– Character design for 《 In App 》
– Character design of the 2D/3D characters of 《 Snipe Chinese 》